Llanthomas Beat River Wye


The Llanthomas Fishery is located on the lower end of the Upper Wye approximately 5.6 km (3.5 miles) up river from Hay-on-Wye and approximately 3 km (2 miles) down river from Glasbury on Wye.

The Llanthomas Fishery is approximately 1,000m (1,094 yds) of double bank fishing. The fishery historically was renowned as an early spring fishery. Currently however salmon are more regularly caught later in the season with trout, chub, barbel, grayling, pike, perch and dace being caught either in the summer and or autumn or all year round.



The fishery comprises the following pools:

Llanthomas Pool
This pool is quite shallow and best fished in high water. Fish likely to be caught in this pool include chub, barbel and grayling. Salmon are known to move up river in the evenings to the shallower fly water above the Watling to Llanthomas.

Pwll Dwrgi Pool
The stretch of river just before this pool is known as the Pulpit. The large area of deep water on the bend, known as the Larder, is a holding pool for the Middle and Upper Wye. In all conditions salmon show below the Pulpit and in the Larder itself. The pool is best fished from a boat and is suitable for spinning or for coarse fishing.

Watling Pool
This pool offers some of the best fly fishing,
particularly for trout and salmon.

Wye Llanthomas Fishery. Whole Beat – Private Fishing Day.

Book the whole fishery for the day for up to 8 coarse anglers or 4 fly fishing. As a block booking the beat offers a marvellous opportunity for friends, clubs or instructors to enjoy a day’s exclusive fishing on a lovely, secluded beat of the Wye. The beat is double bank and has four named pools – offering a nice mix of fast and slow running water.

Beat Rules

Coarse fishing days:
– Up to 8 coarse anglers may fish at any one time.
– Max 2 rods per angler.
– Season: June 16 to March 14 (inclusive).

Game fishing days:
– Max 4 fly rods (rod sharing allowed).
– The beat is 100% Catch & Release.
– Season: Salmon, March 3 to October 17 (inclusive).
– Season: Trout, March 3 to September 30 (inclusive).

Beat Rules
– No Pike fishing.
– No Spinning.
– An appropriate Environment Agency Rod Licence must be carried at all times.


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