Dummy Carp Ponds – make demo booking!

[THIS IS A DEMO ONLY!] Our private and exclusive imaginary Dummy Carp ponds contain extraordinary carp that average 60lbs and the lake record is 97lb. We expect the 100lb barrier to be broken! Click required day and then choose your peg(s). Carp Pond 1 Carp Pond 2 Book both ponds fully for matches below Note: This booking form opens in a light box on the same page. Note: Only days where all pegs on both lakes are available are shown in green.

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Dummy Bell Charter Boat – make a demo booking – see prices change

Example of complex pricing plus extra product sales:- [THIS IS NOT A REAL BOOKING] Midweek £30 per day per person. Weekends Extra £5 per person. Group bookings of 8 adults receive 25% discount. Choose where you stand on the boat - side positions £5 cheaper! Bait and tackle hire offered for sale during the booking. Bait (£5) & Tackle Hire (£5) per person. Click on any calendar day (which shows availability) to test pricing in the booking form: Month 1 (Shark Fishing)

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Dummy Trout Lake – Make demo bookings here.

(FOR MAKING TEST BOOKINGS ONLY) Here you can test the system to see how bookings works without committing to a real booking. This booking will not ask for money nor does it expect any -- but on the other hand don’t expect any fishing either! This is just for testing! A fishery or lodge can link the booking up to their own paypal or other payment processor for the full amount or deposit - or ask for cash on the day.     Pricing examples The price will change depending on what, when and quantity you select automatically. You can try offers too, e.g. we have setup 3 for the price of 2 and use the voucher code "demo" for 100% discount!   Availability can be shown in lots of ways! Click on any day with availability [...]

Dummy Trout Lake – Make demo bookings here.2020-05-24T09:37:56+00:00
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