The famous angling writer William B Currie into a salmon on Jackie's Pool

The famous angling writer William B Currie into a salmon on Jackie’s Pool

The South Tyne runs through the beautiful land of Lambley Farm Estate which has its own private salmon, sea trout and trout fishing beat. The fishing is double bank and about one and half miles long, stretching from Lambley Viaduct to a few hundred yards below the A689 road bridge. The South Tyne here at around 500ft is perhaps the last of the “lowland” beats as upstream the river climbs steeply over 1,300ft in just 20 miles to its source at Tynehead. Perhaps this is why the Lambley pools become well stocked with running salmon and sea trout which often rest in the big pools ready for the last dash up the ever steepening and reducing river.

The South Tyne is a “spate river” which means it rises and falls quickly depending on the rainfall on the high Pennine hills some 20 miles south. A flood in the morning can drop to ideal conditions by the afternoon!  Fishing is perfect at 1ft to 2ft above normal summer flows but can be very tricky in low and clear water. As the river rises it also colours up, turning from crystal-clear to a lovely sherry or tea colour at 6in to 1ft 6in (perfect for fly fishing) then darkening with increased peat stain over 2ft. Above 3ft the river is more suitable for spinning than fly fishing but there are many varied pools which can fish in low, medium or high water. In the low water of summer, night time fishing for sea trout in the dark can be very exciting and with an average of 4lbs these fish are superb sport.

Lovey fast water between the Home Pool and Birkett’s Pool upstream.

If the spring is warm and wet then the first salmon arrive in June (sometimes earlier) but salmon build up in the pools from late July onwards and a wet summer can offer terrific sport. The big numbers of fish usually arrive in autumn when even complete beginners have a good chance of catching. Many first time salmon have been caught at Lambley! Being double-bank the Lambley Farm beat is also ideal for teaching fly fishing and especially Spey casting as you can decide which side of the river to fish from depending on the wind direction. Qualified tuition and guiding is available on request.


  • £50 per day up to 28 August
  • £70 per day from August 29.
  • Season ends October 31.
  • Take the whole beat (all five rods) for the price of 4!
  • Ideal for casting tuition and group activities.
  • Four Country Cottages are available on the beat and perfect for fishing groups.


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