• YOU take the money from customers directly – it doesn’t go through us – so you keep the direct relationship with your clients.
  • Trying iBookfishing is completely free. Just ask us for a free trial.
  • You’ll be amazed at how much time, effort and worry ibookfishing will save you!
  • And you only pay for what you use – through a tiny commission on sales. You can make ibookfishing essentially free if you charge a small booking fee you your clients.
  • You can start or stop using ibookfishing any time you wish.
  • iBookfishing is designed to be run via your website and operated simply by you.



  • Specifically designed for fisheries, lodges, hotels, cottages, guides and boat owners.
  • Your clients can make online reservations for almost any type of item (and any quantity) you wish to rent out. e.g. 4 rods a day or 2 boats with or without accommodation.
  • You manage Club Membership payments and sell any spare Club Membership capacity.
  • Complex pricing & multiple ticket types easily catered for, e.g. 2 for 1, Children, OAPs, etc.
  • Prices can change automatically as time is running out to sell!
  • Prices change on screen as the client selects quantity and type.
  • Sell optional additional items as part of the booking, e.g. bait, fly selection packs etc
  • Optional shopping basket style for multiple ticket purchases.
  • Ticket duration completely flexible, specific hours, days, weeks or allow the client to choose and the prices will be calculated automatically.
  • Availability displayed on easy to read customisable calendar.
  • Availability automatically updated on booking (in every calendar – wherever they are on display in the world).
  • Client search box to find availability.
  • Multi-lingual booking form (21 Languages)–client chooses from drop down list box.



  • Clients can create accounts (optional)
  • Emails sent at each stage of booking to client and fishery owner.
  • Text messages can also be sent to client and fishery owner.
  • Permits can be send as attachment to emails.
  • Invoices can be sent as attachment to emails.
  • Rules and regulations, catch return forms, maps etc can be send as attachment to emails.



  • Each owner can have unlimited items to rent out, e.g. day tickets, weekly tickets, boats, etc.
  • Availability automatically updated on booking or after manual confirmation by owner.
  • Availability can be changed manually from any web browser or mobile phone.
  • Working days and times can be set.
  • Specific start times can be set.
  • Close seasons and holidays can be set.
  • Additional products can be added and offered after booking. e.g. Flies, bait, etc.
  • Customise booking form, i.e. ask whatever extra questions you require.
  • Owners can use the system to manage all their bookings or perhaps just selected last minute opportunities.



  • Fishery/Hotel (owner) takes payment online, or by cheque, or on arrival.
  • Accept online payment through PayPal, SagePay or many other payment processors.
  • Accept deposit of any % to confirm booking or take full amount.
  • Manually or automatically accept bookings.
  • Support for vouchers and special discounts.
  • Optionally charge credit card surcharge.



  • View full booking history.
  • Bookings listed as pending, upcoming, latest, not-completed and conflicts.
  • Full search facility to find bookings.
  • Calendar schedule of bookings (week, month) for viewing or printing.
  • Full report compiler–build your own reports.
  • Advanced reporting and exporting (supported formats: HTML, PDF, CSV / Excel).



  • Creates standalone website automatically for each owner (Optional).
  • No software to install.
  • Bookings work perfectly on smart mobile phones.
  • Style sheet control to change look and feel.
  • Display your calendar of availability on your own website and other partner websites.
  • Display a search box on your own web site and other partner websites
  • Fully integrate the booking form into your own website (php-based website required).



Standalone. Use the service on your own website (and partner websites).

Your own network. If you are a society or organisation with many members you may want to create and manage the booking network on behalf of your members. (with one search for all availability). This is perfectly possible.


You can use iBookfishing to promote just your last minute opportunities or use it to help promote and manage ALL of your opportunities–the choice is yours!

If you would like an online demonstration of iBookfishing in action and see behind the scenes then please contact us here.