iBookfishing is online cloud-based software that manages the sales and bookings of anything a fishery or fishing club might want to rent out. The system handles all of the correspondence with the customer automatically, and collects the money via PayPal or similar and passes 100% directly to the fishery owner immediately. (not like other systems that delay this and take a big chunk!).

If you want to sell more tickets, increase customer satisfaction, reduce administration costs and streamline your financial management then iBookfishing is ideal for you!

It is an extremely flexible booking system designed specifically for the fishing world. It can work equally well for bookings of one item to thousands. It is ideal for casting instructors, day/season ticket waters, salmon beats, booking agents, fishing lodges, fishing travel companies, competition organisers/clubs, charter boats and others in the fishing world.

Using the very latest, mobile friendly, web technology iBookfishing can promote fishing and membership opportunities from many web sites – all at the same time – and bookings can be accepted and managed from anywhere in the world. iBookfishing is a whole lot more than just a standard booking system.

Quote from PSFFA:

In 2017, the Portsmouth Services Fly Fishing Association (PSFFA) decided to update their website (www.psffa.org) to have not only a public section, but also a Member’s Only section that would incorporate a beat booking system, enabling Members to easily see which of our 14 beats were available and allow Members book a beat and receive confirmation instantly from a variety of platforms. After an extensive search we soon realised that very few packages existed that would meet the quite complex requirements we had as an Association and iBookFishing proved to be by far the most flexible in configuring to meet those requirements. Ibookfishing support proved to be a godsend in helping during the initial set-up and training us, so we could administer 99% of the day-to-day administrative tasks ourselves. Support has also proved highly responsive in supporting us when the odd curve-ball caught us lacking in technical knowledge and the system has been running live from the start of the 2018 trout season and continues to receive repeated praise from Members about how easy it is to use and how well tailored it is to our specific needs. Very highly recommend.

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