Some fishing clubs who contact iBookfishing really do not need a sophisticated fishery management system like ours – they simply need a Membership System to control subscriptions. Whilst iBookfishing can and does collect Membership fees for those selling permits and managing their fisheries, if you are not managing the fishing then it is perhaps better to use simple Membership software specifically designed to cater for this, and manage Member-only pages on your website too – you can of course add iBookfishing to manage the your member’s fishing later.

We highly recommend that you build (or have us build for you) your website using WordPress. 30%+ of the world’s websites are now built using WordPress. It’s free for a start! But its real strength (apart from how easy to use it is) comes from the ability to add “plugins”. These plugins can quickly add functionality like, a shop, a Membership system, catch return forms and so on. Almost anything you want to do will have several plugins available to do the task! It has excellent SEO plugins too – so you will be found!

So here is the Perfect System for a Fishing Club.

  • WordPress Website, hosting & emails
  • iBookfishing Fishery Management
  • Woocommerce Shop
  • Woocommerce Membership System
  • Woocommerce Subscriptions (if you want automatic Direct Debit subscriptions – and you should!)
  • Catch Return Plugin – collating to Spreadsheet.
  • Facebook and Twitter or Other Social Media Plugins (So they feed your websites automatically or vice versa).
  • Security, SEO and other WordPress plugins.

Hosting your domain, website and email, is very inexpensive these days from around £10 per month.

With this system – your organisation has FULL control. You take the money and have the direct relationship with your Members and Day Permit purchasers. With a WordPress website (like this one) you can add news, events and photos without having to to ask anyone!

With the addition of iBook you can also manage your fishery and even restrict members booking too many times per week, month or year! If you ask them to book even if it is free, you can get full reporting on busy lakes or river stretches and those that are very quiet. If you have pegs or boats these can be booked and so on. It really provides excellent control for both committee and member.

Beware – of so called “Specially Made All-in-one Service Packages”. They are non-standard, bespoke and potential expensive dead-ends!

We are experienced WordPress web designers and have helped many clubs – please do contact us for advice before you sign up to the wrong thing. Email:

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