iBookfishing is ideal for fishing clubs because it does the work of issuing permits and telling the members what is available and what isn’t. Those nightmare phone calls and emails will be reduced to a trickle. You can even ask it to limit the number of permits a person can book and/or stop them booking too far in advance of the fishing. (stopping those greedy blighters!)

iBookfishing can limit the days (or hours) a member can fish on Club waters per week, month or year – per lake/river or the club as a whole. You can report on Club water usage and discover, as one club did, that no one fished one stretch they were paying for!

Permits and maps, rules and other documentation are emailed automatically and even emails for catch returns can be sent automatically after the fishing. If you have a padlock combination that you keep changing – it can even be sent prior to the fishing.

You can have complex pricing, or take bookings for free fishing for members – or a combination of the too. Guests pay and members don’t!

Please do get in touch if you would like a free online demo or trial of the system.

The system works perfectly with WordPress or can create a very simple booking site for you anyway! You can have all of your permits and availability on one page (see below) and have individual beats/lake webpages showing their own availability. All updated at the same time.

Fishing Availability Calendar