Loch Awe opens for fishing with online bookings

Loch Awe Trout Fishing

Thanks to the Loch Awe Improvement Association, those of you lucky enough to live locally to the mighty Loch Awe in Argyll & Bute, Scotland can now buy fishing permits online to fish for its justly famous ferox trout, abundant pike and quality brownies. There are many roach to catch too if the pike or resident ospreys don’t catch them first.

Loch Awe

Their iBookfishing settings check the addresses as they enter to allow or deny the purchase. We have helped them create a catch return form too that will display the entries as they come in. Hopefully, the loch will be opened to a wider audience soon and we look forward to a welcome return. Check out the Fish&Fly article The Beauty and the Beasts of Loch Awe.

If you are a local you can buy a permit here!

Visit Loch Awe Improvement Association web site