The Lune Rivers Trust is a charity dedicated to the conservation, protection, rehabilitation and improvement of the River Lune throughout its whole length and its associated tributaries in Cumbria, Yorkshire and North Lancashire. Our aim is to protect and improve the riverine habitat to encourage the biodiversity of the River Lune and its tributaries.

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They manage three fishing beats on the lower River Lune near Lancaster which offer excellent value salmon, sea trout, brown trout and coarse fishing.

Halton Lower Beat Fishing Permit
Halton Lower beat has three main holding pools which all fish the fly well. There are eight rods available daily. Left bank – from Denny Beck upstream to a point 50yds below forge weir. Fly only, except when the water level is over 15 inches on the gauge at Halton Toll Bridge, and then all legal methods are allowed. Fly only before June 16th. Parking is available adjacent to Denny Beck bridge on the Millennium Cycleway. No wading or fishing beyond the central line of the river on the Halton beats excepting the area between Old Halton Toll Bridge and Halton Weir.


Halton Top Beat Fishing Permit
Halton top beat has long slow deep pools, which are not suited to salmon fly fishing except in high water. It is a very good high water beat and many fish are caught spinning when other beats are not fishable. Salmon can be caught on the fly during high flows, as the river levels fall shrimp fishing is more successful. Fly-fishing for sea trout at night works well. Left bank from 50 metres above forge weir to Escow Beck. Salmon fly and artificial lure only until June 16th this is a regional byelaw, all legal methods thereafter. Coarse fishing is available on this beat between the 1st of November and the 14th of March. Parking is available in the Hermitage car park on the Halton road. No wading or fishing beyond the central line of the river on the Halton beats.


Skerton Fishing Permit
Both banks from marker post in the tidal area below Carlisle Bridge, upstream to Howe Ghyll Beck. The area below Skerton Weir is tidal and has some excellent fly water with the Area below the weir between the black and white and red and white marker posts fly only. No fishing is allowed between the black and white marker posts and weir, standing above the marker posts to fish or from the weir itself, all legal methods are allowed on other areas of this beat. Coarse angling is allowed above Skerton Weir. Parking is available on riverside roads, opposite Kingsway centre and Lansil Industrial Estate.

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Current River levels at Caton on the River Lune

Note: The time shown is GMT – so add an hour!

Yellow = 0in to 8in, Green = 8in to 2ft 6in, Red 2ft 6in to 6ft 6in!


Upper Lune (Killington)