How iBookfishing Can Work For Fishing Clubs

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iBookfishing is ideal for fishing clubs because it does the work of issuing permits and telling the members what is available and what isn’t. Those nightmare phone calls and emails will be reduced to a trickle. You can even ask it … Continued

Loch Leven Pike Fishing

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The famous Loch Leven now uses iBookfishing to allow fishers to book its boats! Fly Fishing for big wild brown trout is what Loch Leven is world famous for but Pike fly fishing, spinning or dead bait (no live bait) … Continued

Dummy Carp Ponds – make demo booking!

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[THIS IS A DEMO ONLY!] Our private and exclusive imaginary Dummy Carp ponds contain extraordinary carp that average 60lbs and the lake record is 97lb. We expect the 100lb barrier to be broken! Click required day and then choose your … Continued