Glenbeg Fishings Oban, Loch-a-phearsain

Glenbeg fishing, near Oban, encompasses over 2,000 acres of beautiful Scottish hill and moor with 13 jewel-like lochs studded within. These pristine waters offer wild brown trout fly fishing of fine unspoilt quality. The brown trout are stunning, and many will never have seen an artificial fly in their life. They commonly range from a quarter pound to beauties over 3lb.

Some of the lochs are easily accessible by car but others can only be explored by the adventurous, with isolated, undisturbed fishing often the reward for an hour walk or more.

These are fly fishing lochs only, and when fished with tiny dry-flies or a team of traditional wets, roaming from one loch to another, the estate is a genuine joy to fish.

All thirteen lochs are covered by the Glenbeg fishing permit sold here.